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RE: Drift

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Good one.  I would rather do this in an American Car but then we will get
back into that discussion of foreign engineers.  Don't want to go there.
Thanks for the smile, George Richards, Vette

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Single story, 13' high, auto sales showroom, 45' x 52' All glass walls, 8
exterior tube columns, no x-bracing.  Glass units frame between columns.
What is appropriate allowable drift?

It depends.  I'd run 'R' compound tires on that surface and set the back
swaybars to 3/4 and the front sways to full, deactivate the
traction-control, and bring the speed up smoothly until I get a nice even
four wheel drift.  ;-)
As for x-bracing, the standard x-bracing from the new M3 works well . . .
and don't forget to bring your helmet to the track.
David Sharp
BMW CCA Member #168622

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