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AISC Code of Standard Practice

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I have a question regarding the AISC Code of Standard Practice
(9th Addition) in reference to the allowable tolerances for column
placement and anchor bolts.
Paragraph 7.5.1 (b) calls for 1/4 in. center to center tolerance of
adjacent anchor bolt groups.
Paragraph 7.5.1 (c) gives a total accumulation not to exceed 1 in.
for anchor bolt groups.
Paragraph (b) & (d) allows the working points of the column
to be displaced up to 2 in. from the established column line.
Paragraph (c) allows for a 1-1/2 in. envelope for the column
location tolerances.
Assuming I have a one story building, if paragraph 7.5.1 (b) governs,
then the other requirements are not really needed.  How do these
seemingly contradictory tolerances fit together, and what really governs?
Dan Goodrich, P.E.