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RE: Bent anchor bolts

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Depends on the size and material.  If the material is hardened then bending
it back is liable to snap it and heating it up is likely to alter the
material properties.

If the anchor rod is A36 and a relatively small diameter it may be possible
to bend it back without introducing cracks, depending on how flattened it is

Nick Blackburn

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Subject: Bent anchor bolts

I have a question that was asked of me and I could not locate a solid
answer anywhere.  I figure someone here will know...

Say you have an anchor bolt (opps, that would be anchor rods...damn, keep
forgetting that) sitting there out in the field prior to the column being
placed and it is just minding its own business, when "Wham!" someone runs
into it and bends it.  Someone asked if there is anything in a code
document that would prevent that anchor rod from being cold bent back
straight.  If there is nothing in code form, any personal opinions on cold
bending it back straight?


Ypsilanti, MI

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