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RE: Bent anchor bolts / welding high strength bolts?

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> Is there an
>established procedure for field welding a high strength (QT)anchor bolt and
>then repeating the quenching and tempering process to regain the high
>strength lost in the welding process?
There are established procedures for welding quenched and tempered 
material, but stay away from it if you don't have the experience (I'm 
going out on a limb here, but it doesn't sound like you have the 
experience). Welding QT materials is done all the time but it's tricky 
business and if it's not done properly you'll be in a bigger mess. Same 
for work hardened materials. 

As an aside, you'll see placards on truck frames, noting that the frame 
is made from specially heat treated material and welding is not 
permitted. Ever. Bad things happen when when inexperienced welders mess 
with metallurgy they don't understand. You can bet that those placards 
weren't on there before someone's truck broke at a cobbled-up weld repair.

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