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Re: Bent anchor bolts / welding high strength bolts?

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> Is there an
>established procedure for field welding a high strength (QT)anchor bolt and
>then repeating the quenching and tempering process to regain the high
>strength lost in the welding process?

After seeing a few replies, I realize I should not have 'passed' on this
question.  Care of The Fastener Quality, any person who changes the
properties of a fastener (as Q&T would) becomes the manufacturer and must
apply their own Manuf. ID, which must be registered in the Fastener
Registry.  Further, they would be responsible for all tests and inspections
required by the original specification, and would have to issue
NIST-recognized test documents.

Skip any of the requirements of that law and risk a fine of $25K for each.
You're not likely to see any 'Bolt Cops' on a jobsite --- but . . .

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