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RE: ASCE Wind Speed Criteria

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Been there many times.  Try international work where the WMO uses 10 minute
mean extreme wind.  Or compare for tornadic winds which are 1/4 mile winds.
Or hurricane winds which are "sustained" 1 minute winds.

Harold O. Sprague

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> Sent:	Wednesday, June 27, 2001 11:38 AM
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> Subject:	ASCE Wind Speed Criteria
> We are currently consulting for a project outside of California.  The code
> requirement specified is ASCE 7-95, but the jurisdiction supplied wind
> speed requirements are lower than the wind speeds indicated as appropriate
> in the ASCE map.
> The perception we are getting is that many jurisdictions have adopted the
> latest ASCE code without understanding the shift from fastest mile to
> three second gust wind speed requirements.  Application of 100 mph fastest
> mile to the three second gust requirements will result in considerably
> lower than intended force levels.
> We do not have a problem with this project other than the owners eyes
> glazing over as we endeavor to explain the differences between three
> second gust and fastest mile wind speeds and why it is appropriate to
> design for higher wind speed requirements than the jurisdiction specified.
> But I thought the experience interesting, and am curious if others are
> encountering similar situations.
> Paul Feather
> San Diego, CA

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