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Re: ASCE Wind Speed Criteria

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Perhaps your guy is from up north, where we specify wind criteria in pressure units not wind speed.  If so he will need some education to the way things are done down south.
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Subject: RE: ASCE Wind Speed Criteria

Well, one engineer I'm doing work for insists that I need to tell him "what wind PRESSURE I am designing for." He simply won't accept my explanation that we design for wind SPEED, and that pressure is a function of that.
He says "20 psf? 25 psf? That's all I want to know!"

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Subject: ASCE Wind Speed Criteria

We do not have a problem with this project other than the owners eyes glazing over as we endeavor to explain the differences between three second gust and fastest mile wind speeds and why it is appropriate to design for higher wind speed requirements than the jurisdiction specified.  But I thought the experience interesting, and am curious if others are encountering similar situations.