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H-1BCatch 22

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Attention  H-1B List members:

In response to Mike Murphy's recent posting "H-1B Catch 22" message I've been 
"SURFING THE NET"  for stories  on the H-1B  (Visa's for technical 

When Surfing I been using the   search engine.   

I typed in     NCSEA     H-1B   just as a lark to see what I might find.

If you haven't tried the GOOGLE search engine you might find it useful for it 
points to sites other search engines may never locate.  Check it out.  

And just what did GOOGLE FIND?  It located some of the past  SEAINT message 
threads on H-1B.

But more interesting was the link  to some  website called is   a compilation of  engineering - technical organizations that 
support H-1B immigration.

NCSEA   is referenced  at the  webpage.
Check the following:

I wouldn't  sweat it!  
Consider it an honor!!!  
You're in good company with all the many engineering societies that shill for 
H-1b labor.

Most engineering societies promote H-1B  labor to solve the worker problems.  
 More importantly is the added benefits of cheaper foreign labor to hold down 

This  can readily be examined at the "HALL OF SHAME".

 I have previously noted in prior message threads,   Take a look at the  
"HALL OF SHAME"  database.  Using the  "FREEDOM OF INFORMATION  ACT"  a 
website has been developed  listing the LCA's   (Labor Condition 
Applications)  for H-1b  workers.

Have you seen it?    You might want to take another look as the website has 
recently been  updated, upgraded   and EXPANDED.

Check out

There are now upwards of ONE MILLION RECORDS!!!!!!!!

Try searching on Civil Engineering firms  (there is unfortunately no breakout 
for the structural discipline)  but you should be able to recognize the 
companies.  See what salaries some companies  are offering H-1B workers.    
While some are competitive (i.e.:  $69,000  for a structural engineer)    you 
SHOULD be able to find Civil Engineers for less than  $40,000

A summation for the records for the engineering disciplines indicates an 
AVERAGE SALARY of less than  $40,000.


But engineers shouldn't be TOO upset!
Try  searching the database for architects

I think you should be able to find architect's salaries  at less than 

For additional insights  into the H-1B issue you might want to check  on 
IEEE's comments

as always,

Bob  Johnson

PS:   This is the third attempt to respond to this message thread. It seems 
my mail is not being delivered or posted.  (I'm not being CC'd)  

 Excuse the redundancy if you have seen a previous version of this message.  

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