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ETABS V7.17 - R/C Design

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I'm TRYING to use ETABS V7.17 (latest patch) to do a quick ACI 318 design (for checking purposes) on a 5 story building.  I have SMRF ("special sway" designation by ETABS) members, and I simply cannot get the darn thing to do a design run.
My analysis runs fine, but when I
1)    do a design of the whole structure (all R/C elements)
2)    do a design of an individual member (column or beam)
3)    try to run the interactive design of an individual member (column or beam)
the program returns the extremely descriptive error message "Error during concrete design of frame nnn" -- very very helpful.
The thing is, I got the program to do a design run once before, ON THE SAME EXACT MODEL, but I can't get it to do it again.
So, my question is: Has anyone else run into a similar problem, and if so, did you find out how to work around it?  Even an answer to the effect that no one has found a work around would be helpful since I will junk this approach in favor of one less akin to beating my head against the wall.
Any comments would put me in better shape than I am now (since I have to get this out within the next couple of days and there are about 1000 members total in the structure!)
Thanks in advance.
T. Eric R. Gillham PE
PO Box 3207 Agana Guam 96932
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