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Removing structural plaster from shotcrete

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I have been asked to review a problem with a local swimming pool. The
pool was constructed of reinforced Shotcrete (pneumatically injected
concrete) that ranges from 4" thick to 5-1/2" thick. The rebar appears
to be within one inch of "air" and three inches to earth. A 1" plaster
was applied over the shotcrete and tile was added around the perimeter
at the area above the water line.

There was a crack in the pool and the ower decided to remove the plaster
and create a new shotcrete shell within the existing. His contractor
removed the plaster using a jackhammer and took off enough of the
concrete below the plaster to expose the steel in parts.

Here are some questons I have:

1. What other methods can be used to remove plaster without doing so
much damage to the concrete below. 

2. If there was a crack in the concrete, is there a standard for the
crack repair in a pool and what is it? Is it less destructive and less
costly than the method that the contractor took to strip the entire
interior of the pool which the owner is claiming cost him $35,000.00
including the new shell.

3. It seems to me that minor cracks (which this appears to be) are
repairable by injection epoxies or injection grouting and then resealing
the surface with either plaster or another epoxy or elastomeric type
finish. Any suggestions?

I am trying to get an idea to justify what was done or to find out what
options for pool repair is available that will correct a minor crack. I
was intending on contacting my representative from Chem-Rex to see which
of their products would do the trick. Assuming the owner wants the same
finish as he had, what are the alternatives to such drastic demolition
and repair as he had chosen?



Dennis S. Wish, PE
Structural Engineering Consultant
(208) 361-5447 E-Fax

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