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RE: ASCE Wind Speed Criteria

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   I would calculate the wind loads per ASCE-7.  Then tell him the Design Pressures or the Velocity Pressures.  This will give him an accurate answer in the units he wants.  If he grumps about the low velocity pressure on the building walls tell him the design pressure for the corner roof section, this usually when their eyes bug out.  I then just say that we have to apply different pressures at different points.  BTW, the bugged-out eyes are useful.  They are easier to glaze over and roll when the time comes.
  In general, I don't bother trying to "teach" these people anymore.  Many times their "eyes glaze over".  I've realized that they are really looking for a warm fuzzy feeling.  So I give them accurate number in the units they want.  Usually this is in the range they want.  Although, I've had a couple look at me strangely when I tell them the corner pressure is 21psf.  But I just tell them that ASCE has a new more rigorous method for calculating design pressures and let it go at that.  They usually roll their eyes at these "new fangled ideas" and grump about why we can't use the methods we've always used but they don't really continue the discussion.  They are happy (relatively) and have their warm fuzzy. I'm happy because they aren't bugging me anymore, so the issue is settled.
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Well, one engineer I'm doing work for insists that I need to tell him "what wind PRESSURE I am designing for." He simply won't accept my explanation that we design for wind SPEED, and that pressure is a function of that.
He says "20 psf? 25 psf? That's all I want to know!"

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We do not have a problem with this project other than the owners eyes glazing over as we endeavor to explain the differences between three second gust and fastest mile wind speeds and why it is appropriate to design for higher wind speed requirements than the jurisdiction specified.  But I thought the experience interesting, and am curious if others are encountering similar situations.
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