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perforated shear walls - seismic design manual - volume 2

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the method for designing perforated shear walls in the seismic design manual
(pg. 69) is exhaustive to say the least.

i have 2 questions:

1.  has anyone successfully (in a timely manner) used this procedure?  if
you have, did you incorporate any shortcuts?  

the concept of the perforated shear wall and the basic design procedure
(published by apa and breyer's book) are simple and easy to use.  if you
look at this example, you can see that things can get out of hand very

this design procedure seems like it would be hard to sell to a supervisor:
employee:  "i saved two holdowns"
employer:  "yes, but your design time tripled and your calcs are bloated"

2.  has anyone done a cost comparison of perforated shear walls vs. standard
shear walls?  i don't mean on the engineering side - i mean on the
construction side.  the cost savings of not having some holdowns vs.
possible increase in sheathing thickness, increase in nail size, increase in
nail quantity, increase in labor involved with more nailing...?

i used to think perforated shear walls were pretty innovative but now i'm
not so sure...


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