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Re: UCBC Appendix Chapter 1 - URM Retrofit question

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We used your program quite a bit when we were doing
retro-fit design of URM buildings in downtown Santa
Barbara.  We put it away after this type of work
stopped flowing in.  A few years later we had a few
more to do, so we tried to use it again.  The problem
was that we needed a proper version of Quattro Pro to
make it work.  We had upgraded our version, and also
pretty much changed to Excel.  We could not get it to
work correctly with the newer version of Quattro Pro,
so the actual spread sheet program you use may not work
correctly with your program now.  If you offer it for
free do we get a refund :)


Structuralist wrote:
> I wrote a spreadsheet that I marketed some fourteen years ago for the
> design of URM buildings up to five or six stories. The program designed
> per what became the 1991 UCBC Appendix Chapter 1. There have been minor
> changes to the code over the years and I have not updated the software
> as I don't do this work any longer. Not only will it design crosswall
> requirments, tension and shear anchorage, it will distribut shear by
> pier analysis for each elevation per level (accumulating shear from roof
> to first floor).
> I am considering digging out the spreadsheet and posting it on the
> Structuralist.Net Spreadsheet forum. It will be provided AS IS which
> means that some ambitious engineer doing seismic retrofit in Northern
> California, Oregon, Seattle or Salt Lake area will need to delve into
> the spreadsheet and upgrade it to meet current code.
> I need to get some feed back if it would be worthwhile to some of you to
> have the spreadsheet. You can respond privately at
> admin(--nospam--at) and I will keep track of the responses.
> In addition, I had a detail library for most used URM retrofit details
> that I am willing to donate AS IS to the forum. These were created in an
> early version of AutoCad (I believe release 11)and consist of most
> tension and shear anchors. The tension anchors will probably need to be
> revised as "Vee" straps are no longer used as I understand.
> Again, please send your comments to me at admin(--nospam--at)structuralist.Net and if
> there is sufficient need I will post the spreadsheet. I can also scan
> the manual which was a primer of the 1991 UCBC or City of Los Angeles
> RGA 1-91 that offers instruction for how to input values.
> Hope some of you can find this useful after so many years.
> Regards,
> Dennis S. Wish, PE
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