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RE: ASCE Wind Speed Criteria

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Rick, I understand and appreciate all you are saying, but my POINT was that
most of the old-timers who have done nothing BUT petrochem/industrial work,
do NOT have familiarity with building codes. One such told me, just
yesterday, "hey, that's why I hired you!"

And my experience at Brown & Root was different from yours at Fluor,
apparently. We NEVER used ANY sort of building code whatsoever. Usually, the
operating companies had their own "standards" for plant design. I used those
for Phillips Petroleum, Chevron, Shell and Ciba-Geigy among others (and I
was peripherally aware that many of those companies I had NOT worked
projects for did things in a similar way).

I just threw out an old (circa mid-80s) set of design guides from Phillips'
Borger and Sweeny, TX, refineries, for example. Those codes simply said
"when you're here, use this pressure, when you're there, use that one."

I'm sure things have changed in fifteen years, but I'm just as sure that the
people who I mentioned--and who, BTW, I was NOT criticizing, but simply
pointing out a fact of my experience, lest anyone else decide to get their
panties bunched--have continued to do things the same way. What you might
call "design finesse" was NOT the highest priority in that sector, from MY
EXPERIENCE. It didn't need to be; usually you had a contractor with a
backhoe waiting with the engine idling for you to "design" whatever he was
fixin' to build.

I'm absolutely SURE that your mileage varies, and I do thank you for
bringing me up to speed. FWIW, I have actually used the ASCE guides for
blast-resistant design within the last two years.

William L. Polhemus, Jr., P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company
Katy, Texas
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