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RE: Unfamiliar bar joists

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The only manufacturer that I am aware of that used cold formed light gauge
chords similar to your description is Steel Joist of Indiana.  After one
project using these joists, I added "All chords to be manufactured with hot
rolled angles." to my specifications.  The old Armco joists also used a cold
formed chords, but they were plate steel and much more substantial.  The web
configuration is fairly typical for many short span bar joists.  Neither
Steel Joist of Indiana nor Armco are in business today manufacturing bar

There are some SJI bar joist manufacturers in Mexico that you may wish to
	Canam de Mexico - Juarez & Monterrey
	Cymiosa - Juarez
	Emycsa - Chihuahua

Harold O. Sprague

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> We have a project in Reynosa, Mexico that involves adding some framing to
> an existing building.  The existing framing uses some joists that we are
> unfamiliar with, and we wanted to find out if someone might have an idea
> who the possible manufacturer might have been.  The joists are designated
> "40 JS" on the plans.  The chord members (called "sombreros" on the plans)
> look like cold-formed light gauge sections with a configuration like this
> (pardon the ASCII art):
>      ___
> |___/   \___|
> They are designated "cal. 14", which we understand is 14-gauge.  They are
> 0.18 m (7 inches) wide and 0.03 m (1-3/16") deep.
> The web members are made of continuous bar stock bent into a normal joist
> web configuration, and welded to the chords at the bend.
> Anyone have any information on these joists?  Who would be a possible
> supplier or manufacturer?
> Thanks for your help.
> -- Joel
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