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Unfamiliar bar joists

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The only catalog that I have that shows a chord configuration like you have 
detailed (a hat section with stiffening lips) is from Great Western Steel 
Industries (1973), however, if some dimensions come close to matching, others 
do not.  For example, for a width of 7-15/16", the depth would be 1.42".  For 
a width of 6-3/4", the depth would be 2.96" or 2.985".  At the bearing, the 
inverted hat did not have a lip and was 2.5" deep.  GWS *did* have an ICBO 
report, ICBO No. 2884 for "C-series" joists.

The catalogs for the Armco joists do not show lips on their chords, although 
some bearings are 7" wide.

Both the GWS and Armco catalogs show the web members attached to the flat 
part of the hat.

There was one company that had a "nailable" chord where the hat came together 
and formed a "pinch" area to grip the nail.  I would have to look for that 

The designation 40 JS (40 cm deep) is similar to the SJI designation of 16 
JS, for an old J-series joist with higher strength steel.  Could the joists 
have been salvaged from an older building?

Maybe some of our colleagues in Mexico can provide you with some information 
about bar joists manufactured and used in Mexico.  However, if they didn't 
make their own on site, it seems that a lot of border towns across from 
Arizona have generally imported American bar joists as it was easier to get 
them across the border than from the industrial areas of Mexico.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Joel Adair wrote:

. > We have a project in Reynosa, Mexico that involves adding some framing to 
. > an existing building.  The existing framing uses some joists that we are
. > unfamiliar with, and we wanted to find out if someone might have an idea 
. > who the possible manufacturer might have been.  The joists are designated 
. > "40 JS" on the plans.  The chord members (called "sombreros" on the 
. > plans) look like cold-formed light gauge sections with a configuration 
. > like this (pardon the ASCII art):

. >      ___
. > |___/   \___|

. > They are designated "cal. 14", which we understand is 14-gauge.  They are
. > 0.18 m (7 inches) wide and 0.03 m (1-3/16") deep.

. > The web members are made of continuous bar stock bent into a normal joist
. > web configuration, and welded to the chords at the bend.

. > Anyone have any information on these joists?  Who would be a possible
. > supplier or manufacturer?

. > Thanks for your help.

. > -- Joel

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