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Horiz. Steel for Stack Bond Walls

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There is quite a difference in the variuos code requirements for
horizontal steel ratio for stack bond walls.

MSJC (ACI/ASCE/TMS)         .0003ht

BOCA    .0007ht

UBC      No requirements for Seismic Zones 0 and 1
            .0007ht Seismic Zone 2
            .0015ht Seismic Zone 3 & 4

Wisconsin      2 nine gage wires @ 16" oc for load bearing walls
                     2 nine gage wires @ 24" oc for non-load bearing
                     (for a 12" non-load bearing interior this is
equivalent to   .00012ht)

I understand the higher requirements in the seismic zones but Wisconsin
seems whoefully inadequate. Even MSJC seems a little low. Bond beams at
48" oc seem to be the best way to stitch the stack bond walls together.

Any comments?

Jim Kestner, P.E.
Green Bay, Wi.

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