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Half-allowable stresses for masonry

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When special inspection is not provided for masonry construction, the UBC
(1994 & 1997) requires that "the allowable stresses for masonry in Section
2107 shall be reduced by one-half". Does this 50% reduction apply to
allowable steel stress as given in Section 2107.2.11? Or does it only apply
to allowable stresses related to f'm? In the equations for reinforced
masonry columns (Section 2107.2.5 in 1997 UBC), does the 50% reduction only
apply to the portion of the equation related to f'm and not to Fsc? 

This sentence is rather vague, as these articles within Section 2107
relating to allowable steel stress could be interpreted as being part of
"allowable stress design for masonry"; however, it seems that it is more
often interpreted to only apply to the masonry materials. Is there a code
basis for not applying the 50% reduction to the allowable steel stress other
than interpretation of the word "masonry"? 

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