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RE: Errata to 97 UBC (galvanized nails in PT above grade)

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First, my apologies to Tim Timmerman of Shear Transfer Systems (manufacturer of Shear Max - prefabricated shear wall system). Tim mentioned his problem posting the copy of a letter sent to the Technical Director of the California Building Industry Association. I set up a forum for Tim's Shear Max product on the Structuralist, but simply forgot to post the letter. It was posted in our Code Administration Forum as it is more appropriate here.
The letter confirms ICBO's intent to issue an errata to the 97 UBC section 2304.3 for fasteners in contact with preservative treated wood above grade. An exception issued in the 94 UBC was omitted during the reorganization of the 97 UBC sections. A copy of the letter and code insertion is now available on the Structuralist.Net in the Code Administration Forum at:"">
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I have also added a Forum for Tim's Shear Max product for those interested in discussing proprietary shearwall systems. To be fair, I have also added a forum for Simplified Structural System's Hardy Frames and Panels as well as Simpson's Strong-Wall. These are open forums and you may post messages. I will make sure that manufacturers are notified so that they might check in from time to time to address the questions posted. These Topics are located in the "New Products and Building Materials Forum at:"">
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If there are other proprietary products or materials you would like to see represented on the discussion forums, please let me know and they will be added.

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Subject: RE: Errata to 97 UBC (galvanized nails in PT above grade)

what is Shear Transfer Systems        (pls)
a company  or a  manufactured product  ??
pls send info   thx  dc
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Subject: Errata to 97 UBC (galvanized nails in PT above grade)

I sent an email with a letter attached in PDF yesterday on this subject but I
never saw it come through.  I sent it to seaint(--nospam--at)  Could some one
please tell me what I did wrong?

Tim Timmerman II
Shear Transfer Systems