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Re: Masonry Cement

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Masonry cement:  ASTM C 91 - A physical specification for a substitute for 
portland cement in the construction of masonry.  No portland cement is 
required to be in this product.

Masonry Mortar:  A misstatement.

Mortar Cement:  ASTM C 1329/UBC Std 21-14 - Basically the same as ASTM C 91.

Premix Mortar:  Generally a premixed portland cement-lime mortar in which the 
proportions of cement, sand, lime are volumetrically combined in a plant.  
mortar can be mixed dry and water added at the site or can be mixed wet and 
discharged at the site similar to concrete.  Much better than having a worker 
working off a hangover counting shovelfuls of sand into a mixer and 
estimating the portion of bags of lime that are added.  Premixed mortar can 
also be obtained at the local building supply store in bags.


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Jim Kestner wrote:

. >  I am being confused by all these terms. Could someone please define the
. > following terms for clarity:

. > Masonry cement
. > Masonry Mortar
. > Mortar Cement
. > Premix Mortar

. > Jim K.

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