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RE: Equipment Loads vs Live Loads

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I typically apply the estimated equipment uniform load as a live load on the
full slab area - which is of course conservative since the entire slab will
not be fully loaded to this value and the load factor for live load will
then be applied to "dead loads". However, the actual equipment weight may
not be well defined if the equipment is not prepurchased and a uniform load
allows for variable laydown of equipment during installation or maintenance.

If I have a concentrated equipment weight that is much in excess of my
typical floor live load, I apply the live load to the entire floor area but
then subtract the effective live load on the equipment's foot print from the
total equipment weight. Then I apply the remaining equipment weight as a
more concentrated load (either as dead load or live load, depending on how
well known the equipment weight is). 

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> Subject: Equipment Loads vs Live Loads
> For equipment permanently attached to concrete floor  (dead 
> load of 250
> psf) should I also consider  Minimum  Uniformly Distributed 
> Live Loads per
> ASCE7 table 4-1 within the equipment's foot print ?
> Thanks in advance.

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