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RE: ETABS V7.17 - R/C Design

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In which case I have to put in a plug for IES. My experience with their VisualAnalysis/VisualDesign and related products have been greatly enhanced by the fact that they jump on bug reports PRONTO. Once, when I found a particularly nasty one--I was doing something kinda weird anyway, and it was obvious that I had gone into a corner of the code that was seldom visited--they got back to me with a fix within about 18 hours!

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I wish Enercalc could learn from that.
I asked a question a year or so ago and am still waiting for their response.
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A follow-up to this post, which never really developed into a viable thread anyway.
I sent a copy of this email to CSI right after I posted it to the listserver, and they responded within the same day asking me to send the file to them.  Lo and behold, the next day CSI sent a fix for the problem, and all is well and good now.