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moment frame problem

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I have a residential project with a SMF of  typical W sections.  The problem is that the contractor has installed the girder for the frame with the erection bolts to the shear tab, but performed none of the welds required. Now that rough construction is nearly complete, the special inspector informed him that he had a problem because the girder to column gaps range from about 3/8" to 3/4"and none of the welds were performed. He actually called for a special inspection without having any of the cjp welds completed.  Replacing the beam is of course an option, however there is a significant amount of wood framing supported over and around the frame. I am looking for the easiest solution to the problem, hence my questions to the more knowledgeable steel engineers are:
1) Can the full pen. welds be peformed at such distances reliably?
2) I have never used a side plate connection for a moment frame, should I contact them to see if they have a solution? If so, does anyone have a contact for them?
3) Does anyone have any other suggestions?
I will inspect the frame in the field to verify if there are any other problems associated with it.
Thanks to all.
Pat Clark, P.E.