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RE: Ethical Responsibility?

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>Arnold Bookbinder let a strong campaign to change the laws that protect
>information accumulated while under the employ of an attorney as an
>expert witness.
If I recall correctly, the privacy issue applies to attorney-client 
privelege and means that the attorney needn't divulge what he doesn't 
want to. The engineer's files can always be subpoenaed, if someone needs 
what's there. In fact I've been subpoened in a couple of instances where 
opposing counsel wanted to make sure I would testify, even if my client 
felt otherwise. 

As far as the safety hazard is concerned, I'd make damn sure there was a 
real demonstrable safety hazard before I did anything rash. By 
demonstrable, I mean with hard (like photographic) evidence that the 
bridge is in a dangerous condition. If the balloon does go up, and there 
are proceedings the standard of judgement on Bill would be that he knew, 
to a reasonable scientific certainty, that the bridge was dangerous and 
defective. A couple of Code violations or damaged paint won't do it.

Damn. I swore I'd never get into another guardhouse lawyer thread, but 
it's so much fun...

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