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RE: Continuing Education, Ethics, & Heartburn

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To understand Louisiana's requirements for 8 hours of life safety/building
code/ADA continuing education, you need to look at the history of its
development.  In the State of Louisiana, all commercial buildings must be
submitted to the Louisiana State Fire Marshal for review and approval prior
to any city or parish granting a building permit.  The State Fire Marshal
requires that buildings above certain thresholds (square feet, construction
cost, number of tanks, etc) be submitted by registered Architect or Civil
Engineer, i.e. the Professional of Record.  This has caused a big stink by
the AIA, because it allows engineers to design buildings.  They lobbied the
engineering board enough to have this addition to the CPD initiated.  I
belive that if you do not design buildings and building systems (sprinklers,
fire alarm systems, etc.) within this context, you do not have to meet this
8 hour requirement.  Of course you may want to verify this with the board

Brian K. Smith, P.E.

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