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Re: Ethical Responsibility?

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I had no intention to "place you into a tough call."  I just think that the opinions of yourself, Roger Turk and other leading engineers on such burning issues it is of great value to the community. 
I am not very big on the legal matters.  However, I am convinced that if an individual has two conflicting regulations, he may go along with either of them.  At that point, the big question is - which one to choose?  The Arizona rule (Roger Turk's opinion and quote) is quite close to my own stand on the issue.   
Of course, I (as many others) am looking forward to learn about your inquiry into Mr. Arnold Bookbinder's opinion.  By the way, I tried and could not find something like Roger's quote in the California regulations.  In what document and section is it?
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Subject: RE: Ethical Responsibility?

I'm not disagreeing, but there is a side to the issues we have not
discussed. This what I hope to provide once I obtain the information
from Arnold. Until then, I would try to avoid being placed into a tough
call such as this.