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Re: Continuing Education, Ethics, & Heartburn

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The Californiia Attorney's General Office:  AG Opinion No. 85-208

"A registered engineer retained to investigate the integrity of a building
who determines, based on structural deficiencies in violation of applicable
building standards, that there is an imminent risk of serious injury to
occupants thereof, and who is advised by the owner that no disclosure or
remedial action is intended and that such determinations are to remain
confidential, has a sworn duty to warn the identifiable occupants, or if
not feasible, to notify the local building officials or other appropriate
authority of such determinations."

Neil Moore, S.E.
neil moore and associates
shingle springs, california

At 11:32 AM 7/4/2001 -0500, Fountain Conner wrote:
>I'm rapidly developing a case of heartburn, and wonder if there is any
>Three states in which I'm licensed require "Continuing Education" for
>license renewal (5 or 6 will require it by sundown).  This is GOOD!  It
>gives me an incentive to do what I should be doing all-along.
>The bad news is the "prescriptive" direction that is being taken.
>For example, Louisiana requires, "at least 1 PDH in professional ethics",
>and "a minimum of 8 PDH's in the Life Safety Code, building codes and/or
>Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines".
>Florida has its own idea of how many required hours of ethics (at least 4,
>as I recall), plus state-specific classes ("a minimum of one of the six
>Commission-approved Cores..." on the new Florida Building Code).  Likewise
>The mandatory hours are eating into the time which, IMNSHO, would be better
>applied in improving my technical skills.  I'm a one-man-show, and must
>personally pay for, and attend, all these classes.  
>My entire training budget for 2001 will be "eaten" by administrative,
>rather than by technical courses.
>Again (I know the answer already), is there any remedy?
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