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AISC Code of Standard Practice

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Title: AISC Code of Standard Practice

If you have any questions or comments about the AISC Code of Standard Practice, Mike West (from CSD in Milwaukee) and Don Moore (from Steward Steel) will participate in a one-hour on-line chat about the Code on Tuesday July 10 at 2 pm central time. Both Mike and Don were members of the committee that updated the Code (which is available as a free download from

To participate in the on-line chat, visit

Future scheduled chats include:

July 24, Structural Welding Issues: Duane K. Miller from The Lincoln Electric Company, Cleveland, OH, discussing structural welding issues.
August 7, Structural Bolting Issues: Peter C. Birkemoe from the University of Toronto discussing structural bolting issues.
August 21, Steel Solutions Center: Bobbi Marstellar and Keith Mueller from AISC's Steel Solutions Center, the one-stop shop for help with preliminary design, cost information, market data, and technical assistance.
September 11, Painting & Coating: Eric Kline (KTA-Tator), Bernard Appleman (KTA-Tator), Kenneth Trimber (KTA-Tator), Tom Calzone (Carboline), and Doni Riddle (The Sherwin Williams Co.) will discuss painting and coating systems and techniques for structural steel.

Edited transcripts from previous chats, on vibration design and fire engineering, are available at the same address.

Scott Melnick