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Re: Ethical Responsibility/Continuing Education, Ethics, & Heartburn

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Regarding Neil Moore's [7/5/2001] quote of California Attorney General's
opinion 85-208:

Coincidentally, I received a call today from Arnold Bookbinder on another
subject.  I asked him about the matter of notifying authorities regarding a
discovered structural deficiency.  He said that the portion of the opinion
reading, "and who is advised by the owner that no disclosure or remedial
action is intended and that such determinations are to remain confidential"
should be read as if it is not there.  In Arnold's opinion, the Structural
Engineer's responsibility to safeguard the public health and welfare calls
for the Engineer to take action by reporting the condition regardless of the
owner's stated intention to proceed with repair of the deficiency.

A note to Dennis: I warned Arnold that you plan to contact him about this
discussion on the list.  He said that it is awfully hot in his garage where
his files are and he may want to wait for the weather to cool before
searching for documentation on the matter.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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