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Alternative to posting documents to the Listservices

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Many of you have documents that are of use to others on the list which
you want to upload. Unfortunately our lists do not allow for uploads
(other than specifically small file attachments on the aec-residential
The only concern I have is that we do not violate the copyright of any
document that is to be posted. Assuming no copyright violation, I would
be willing to post the documents on the Structuralist.Net where it will
become part of the Information Cybrary.
Although I have limited space on my web hosting service, I have
discovered an affordable piece of software that will allow access to a
folder on my hard drive from outside using the IP address of my computer
and DSL connection. The software works under all versions of Windows -
not just NT and 2000. The will add many gigabytes of storage to my
website as I keep my office computer on 24-hours a day. 
The only problem I face now is that I have a firewall protecting my
computers and I have not been able to get past the firewall even though
I created rules within Norton's personal firewall to allow restricted
access. I don't fully understand the instructions but hope to resolve
this in the next week.
Once this is done, I will open the discussion forum up for the posting
of references or documents that either have approvals from the owner of
the copyright material for posting or from the authors of documents

Please contact me privately to arrange for uploading of any materials to
be posted. I can also convert most of your documents to PDF (adobe
Acrobat) format for others to download.

Dennis S. Wish, PE
Structural Engineering Consultant
(208) 361-5447 E-Fax

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