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Re: boat house

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You might want to contact the "California Department of Boating and
Waterways" in Sacramento or whomever has local jurisidiction of the waterways
in the Stockton area. Some other public agency will probably have to review
the structural design besides the building department, at least thats the way
it works in Marina Del Rey where the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches
and Harbors has structural drawings reviewed/approved for structural design
compliance prior to sending drawings to the building department).  I believe
either/both agencies should have some minimum criteria for designing of boat
houses (freeboard, deflection, bouyancy, impact forces), or who you might
want to contact.  There are consultants that different municipalities will
subcontract out work to review dock designs for public marinas (docks, finger
docks, gangways, pilings, etc).  

I am not sure they allow for the underwater superstructures as you described,
at least in the public marinas.  I know that there are premanufactured kits
that are manufactured and marketed in the midwest that have not been allowed
in California.  ADA compliance is now becoming an issue when replacing
existing docks, which shouldn't be a problem since this is a private boat
house I would think.

Good Luck,

Michael Cochran S.E.

dated 7/9/2001 6:36:21 AM Pacific Daylight Time, mrkgp(--nospam--at) writes:

I have a boat house repair design. I need an idea of what wave forces
should be considered for a pleasure boat docking or passing by in a
narrow canal in Stockton CA. The front of the house has a 14 foot head
clearance with 4 foot side panels of plywood. The panels look like a new
born Bambi, on ice, with legs spreading out. My guess it was not
engineered and the hammering of small waves eventually took its toll. I
wonder if navfac would have some guide lines for the affect of small

I am considering a rectangular frame around the opening and across,
under water. Muscrats swim under and up onto the house, leaving thier
calling cards everywhere. The owner has asked if there is a way frame
all below to hold netting to lock out the critters. The net may act like
a rudder collecting more force. What would that force be?

The foam block floats may have been overloaded by a metal roll up door.
I suggested to stack thin panels (surf board size) on the under side of
the existing blocks and pin them together. Ideas?

The owner has decided to pay me at engineering rates to swim under and
add the foam with him helping. I wonder what my E&O would say?

David Merrick, SE