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3-D Modeling of structures in a Process Plant

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We are a large Engineering company dealing with, among many other
disciplines, Refineries and Petrochemical Plants. 3-D modeling of the
plant using PDS(intergraph) or PDMS is carried out wherever the client
demands it. The primary objective is to facilitate piping routing,
interference checks and overall visualization of the entire plant/unit.
Structural modeling is an integral part of the exercise. We know there
are many companies around the world performing similar acitivities in
the hydrocarbon industry.

Here, the structural design and drafting is performed quite ahead and
independent of the modeling. The 3-D modeling follows only as additional
effort to facilitate piping / other disciplines. No information of use
to structural design / erection is extracted from the model. We are
exporing the possibility of maximising benefits from the 3-D modeling

We are trying to find out how much of the structural information from
the 3-D models is used for structural use by other companies.

Basically, what I am looking for is, if any other company world-wide is
extracting deliverables like RCC and STEEL (GA / Detail ) drawings from
their 3D modelling systems. What is the sequence of working they follow

If drawings are being extracted, what is the extent of customisation
required by these companies to satisfy their requirements.

Thanks in advance,

Dr. M. Hariharan
Engineers India Limited
New Delhi, India

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