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RE: ASCE 7 Wind Load Provisions

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The critical change is from the UBC 97 to the ASCE 7-95.  The extreme wind
velocity map in the UBC 97 are "fastest mile".  The extreme wind velocity
maps in the ASCE 7-93 were also in "fastest mile".  The extreme wind
velocities in the maps of both the ASCE 7-95 and ASCE 7-98 are in "3 second
gust" velocities (which is based on the National Weather Service).  

The change from the ASCE 7-95 to ASCE 7-98 is not all that significant.
There was some reformatting, and they added a simplified procedure. 

There are many more fundamental changes from the UBC 97 to the ASCE 7-95 and
include things such as:
*	Cladding pressure calculations
*	Escarpment effect
*	Component pressure calculations
*	Quartering wind effect

My suggestion is to just totally disregard UBC 97 and focus on ASCE 7-98
(which includes a pretty good commentary).

Harold O. Sprague

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> I do most of my work in California (UBC land).  However, I am interested
> in
> getting up to speed on the wind load provisions of ASCE 7-98 for
> out-of-state work where the IBC has been adopted.  I have a copy of ASCE
> 7-95 but have not yet purchased ASCE 7-98.  ASCE published a book entitled
> something like "Guide to the Wind Load Provisions of ASCE 7-95".  My
> question is:  Have there been substantial changes to the wind load
> provisions between 7-95 and 7-98?  Does anyone have any other suggestions
> for making the transition from UBC97 to IBC2000 wind load provisions?
> Thanks!
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