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RE: Beam Splices

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I recently did a project with some 7'-6" splices.  The fabricator didn't seem to blink at that.
Some useful references on proportioning cantilevered beam framing systems:
-- "Cantilever Beam Framing Systems" by Michael Hemstad.  AISC Engineering Journal, 3rd Quarter, 1999
-- "Cantilever and Suspended Span Roof Framing System" by Herbert L. Bill Jr.  ASCE Journal of Architectural Engineering, Mar 2000
-- "Location of Hinges in Cantilever Girder Systems with Variable Loads" by Frank J. Hatfield and Mark L. McEldowney.  ASCE Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction, Feb 2000
-- Joel


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Subject: Beam Splices

a recent phone discussion with a steel detailer has arisen some questions i have.
i usually locate beam splices in a beam line where the moment is zero, typically it's somewhere around 4'-0" to 6'-0".  but the particular project i was discussing with the detailer has larger spans than what i'm used to seeing and splices came out to be lager than 6'-0", for example, i have one at 8'-8" and a few 7'-0".  the detailer seemed to think these were not pratical locations, ie he's never seen ones this long before.  but maybe he hasn't done a large building yet? 
my questions are, am i wrong in placing splices so far?  is there some praticallity issue in regards to erecting a beam line with a splice this large?  any 'rules of thumb' i haven't learned?  is there a maximum and minimum distance in the steel manual?

Alden Manipula
Structural E.I.T.