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Re: Disturbing New Trend

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Attention   SEAINT list:

History lesson   for those of YOU  outside of ILLINOIS.

In regards to lawsuits:   Illinois  use to have a  law,  THE STRUCTURAL WORK 
ACT",  that was widely used   (OR SHOULD I SAY ABUSED)   by lawyers  in Job 
Site Injury cases.   

After a job site injury a construction worker  would retain a construction 
injury lawyer  to sue everyone  (yes everyone) remotely connected with the 

Structural engineers were routinely sued.  The basic defense was you had to 
prove in  no way shape or form did you supervise,  instruct  the 

One you did You might be held  accountable.
Because of this practice  many Illinois Engineers  did not performed job site 
visits as it could expose them to being "in charge  of the work"

Fortunately  in 1994  with a complete change in the political make-up the 
State legislature the "INFAMOUS"  -  Illinois Structural Work Act  was 

Bob  Johnson

PS.  Reinstatement  of the Act  is always a possibility if the legislature 
was to change.

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