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Re: Disturbing New Trend

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My experience is that no lawyer goes after anyone unless there's a client 
seeing to it that he gets paid. I don't have any more truck with 
frivolous lawsuits than anyone else, but I have found that for every 
chiselling plaintiff who hires a lawyer to get free money, there's an 
arrogant defendant who hires a lawyer to help him beat the rap. The enemy 
isn't lawyers, it's us. 

Before we start blamestorming the legal profession ask ourselves what 
sort of defense we'd want if we were trying to beat a DWI rap--a highly 
principled lawyer who'd advise us to  plead guilty and take it like a man 
or a land-shark who'll use every possible gimmick to get us off the hook. 

Christopher Wright P.E.    |"They couldn't hit an elephant from
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___________________________| John Sedgwick, Spotsylvania 1864)

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