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Re: 3-D Modeling of structures in a Process Plant

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>I had looked into whether or not Catia information could then be linked to
>structural analysis and design packages.  It could is rather rudimentary
>forms.  Catia could export to GT-Strudl and I believe STAAD Pro.  They
>also had their own structural analysis package, but it was EXTREMELY basic
>and did not seem anywhere near the more popular commercial programs like
CATIA puts out decent IGES files which I can read into COSMOS/M. It's not 
all that easy because most plant drawings have lots of information that's 
just clutter as far as analysis is concerned. Structural members that are 
shown as solids need to be rendered as one dimensional lines, likewise 
piping systems. All the valve handles and flange bolts and non-structural 
attachments need to be removed from the physical model and rendered into 
the mathematical abstraction we use to figure the physics. There is 
software which can do things like find mid surfaces, but most defeaturing 
is a matter of slogging through and doing it by hand. 

Anyone who's ever read Mechanical Engineering magazine ('The 
Gee-Whillikers Monthly') has already gotten a belly-full of all this by 
now--lots of people really believe that going from a CAD model to FEA is 
a simple black box operation. 'Tain't so, McGee. 

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