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Re: Disturbing New Trend

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>I always thought systems in US (with higher literacy and 
>better human right records) was better than other parts of the world.
Better in some respects, not as good in others. Bribery is still 
considered a crime here, which keeps things reasonably honest. Lawyers in 
the US don't have the stringent gag rules they have in the UK, so all the 
posturing for TV is more of a problem. 

The biggest thing that corrupts the judicial system (and the political 
system) in the US is money. If you're rich you can beat a cocaine or DWI 
rap that would have an indigent person breaking rocks for 5-7 years. O.J. 
got off because he could buy the necessary legal talent, but don't try 
killing someone if you're on a fixed income.

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