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RE: W21x55 and W21x48 beams

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For information on shape availability, please visit AISC's website ( and consult Modern Steel Construction's annual shape availability list (wide flange is typically listed in the January issue, though this year it was updated in March; HSS availability is shown in the July issue).
Also, if you don't regularly receive MSC, you can register for a free subscription on AISC's website. Also available is a free subscription to AISC's bi-monthly e-newsletter (which includes the latest bulletins, such as the recent update on T, k and k1 Dimensions for W-Shapes.
Scott Melnick
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Subject: W21x55 and W21x48 beams

We were updating our 9th edition manual's k dimensions and just noticed that AISC's table showing revised k's for beams includes W21x55 and W21x48 beams.  I wasn't aware of these beam sizes.  Does anyone know if these are readily available? (I also saw several big W44's were quite different from what is in my 9th ed. ASD manual, but I don't use anything like that anyway). 
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