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RE: Computer hard drive and file storage

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If copying an image of a drive to another drive still means what I remember 
it to mean, it could be dangerous.  Some old backup routines used the "image" 
method of backing up as that was the fastest method.  Copying a drive image 
means copying the same sector from one drive to the same sector on the second 
drive.  Now, if that sector on the second drive has a bad cluster at that 
location, your data can be lost.

Possibly this is what happened when you tried to transfer the image from your 
laptop drive to your new drive, but the software was smart enough to 
recognize that you had a bad cluster or cluster(s) at that location on your 
new drive.

Roger Turk
Tucson, Arizona

Dennis Wish wrote:

. > 1. The mirror image idea gave into Murphy's law and I nearly lost my
. > original drive as I destroyed the Master Boot Record in the process. To
. > backstep, I purchased a new 30gig Toshiba drive for my laptop which had
. > a Fujitsu 12-gig drive installed. FWIW - I purchased the new Toshiba
. > drive from Dirt Cheap Hard Drives out of Texas and found it for the
. > lowest price of $259.00 (nearly sixty dollars less than Drives 4 Less).
. > I added the Simple Tech PCMCIA drive cable running TwinDisk - their
. > drive mirror program. I kept getting a cluster error and when attempting
. > to fix the drive with Nortons Disk Doctor, I screwed up the  original
. > drive by mistake.

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