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Distributed Floor Loads

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What is the general rule or any published documents about checking an
existing floor for new loads. 

Example new UPS or Battery Cabinet installed in an existing building.
Assume original building live load design is 50psf + 20psf for
partitions. Battery Cabinet footprint is 45" x 32", weight = 3765#

Option 1 Gross load = 3765# / (45*32/144) = 376.5 psf (too much)
Option 2 3765# / [(18+45+18)*(18+32+18)]/144 = 98.4 psf (better)

How much area can I spread my new units out? 1 ft, 2ft?

Okay, now here is the twist, the Battery Cabinet is supported by 8
wheels @ 471#. How would you handle the concentrated stress?

Mitchell J. Sklar, P.E.
Structural Engineer
Bala Consulting Engineers, Inc.
p 610-649-8000 x 345
f  610-649-8475

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