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RE: FL PE results are in

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But let everyone mourn for the folks in Delaware.
I can't find a link right off hand, but what happened was that
they lost the scoring sheets for ALL of the April examinees.
EVERYONE was required to re-take the exam in October.
I can only hope that never happens to anyone again.
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Subject: RE: FL PE results are in

Congratulations to Donna and all the other new PE’s out there.
I know how long it seems to take for those results to arrive (just shy
of forever if I remember correctly) but that feeling quickly disappears
once they arrive with the good news.
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Subject: FL PE results are in
FYI - I just thought I would let everyone know that the Florida PE
results are in. So others states shouldn't be much longer. Good luck to
-Donna Friis (a new PE)

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