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RE: Distributed Floor Loads

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If this is the only thing in the room I'd use Option 2.  I always check
wheels, stanchions, etc. for punching shear.  Rarely, do they control but in
a couple of cases they did in a big way.

Mark Jones
Jacobs Engineering

> -Mitchell J. Sklar [mailto:MJS(--nospam--at)] wrote:
> What is the general rule or any published documents about checking an
> existing floor for new loads. 
> Option 2 3765# / [(18+45+18)*(18+32+18)]/144 = 98.4 psf (better)
> How much area can I spread my new units out? 1 ft, 2ft?
> Okay, now here is the twist, the Battery Cabinet is supported by 8
> wheels @ 471#. How would you handle the concentrated stress?

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