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Trying to get my FEMA ( Free Engineering Material Alliance) in order. I want to get all of the latest publications since the SAC project finished up.

I have FEMA 350, 351, 352, 353 from the seminars. Those in attendance were told we would receive all of them, along with the State of the Art and FEMA 354 on CD ROM. 10 months later I have not received them.

I want a hard copy of FEMA 354, the State of the Art Reports, and the new seismic provisions (not sure which FEMA pub numbers they are).

If someone could let me know what publications beyond FEMA 353 one should have, I'd appreciate it. Also, if there is a phone number to call FEMA to order the manuals, I'd like that as well. I had it at one point but can't seem to find it on my computer.


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