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FEMA 356 bare steel deck acceptance criteria

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Two issues:

1. FEMA 356 acceptance criteria for bare steel deck diaphragms 
seem to be ambiguous...

Para says that diaphragms not governed by connections 
are deformation-controlled.  It directs the user to Table 5-5 for m-
factors for "shear yielding and plate buckling."   It doesn't mention 
panel buckling.

The commentary for says that diaphragms controlled by 
"connections or panel buckling" are force-controlled.  

Table 5-5 gives a m-factor for "shear yielding or panel or plate 

So...I conclude that...

a. connection failure is force-controlled
b. shear yielding is deformation-controlled
c. general plate-like buckling of the whole diaphragm area is 
d. FEMA356 is ambiguous regarding local panel buckling

...and the question is:   is local panel buckling force-controlled or 
deformation-controlled?  If it is force, then Table 5-5 must be wrong. 
 If it is deformation, then the commentary must be wrong.  And in 
either case, the referenced paragraph could be considered 
incomplete, since it doesn't mention panel buckling.

2. Second question(s):

My 2nd Edition  SDI manual doesn't give equations for local panel 
buckling or shear yield strengths.  Does anyone have references 
that do?


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