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Re: Epoxy Coated Rebar

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A couple of (perhaps non-main) points with respect to epoxy coated:

There are two ASTMS - A775 and A934.  Unless you are in a very, very aggressive environment you want to specify A775.  A934 cannot be bent after it is coated.  A775 is your standard green coating,  A934 is purple.  

CRSI recommendations as far as repair of damaged coating in the field have changed considerably within the last ten years or so;  you should make sure you are using current CRSI literature.

There is mixed opinion on the effectiveness of epoxy coated rebar, in  view of its extra cost.  It is pretty much standard practice in parking garages but some of the state DOTs have moved away from specifying it in bridge decks.

CRSI is a strong promoter of epoxy coated rebar however it should be noted that some years back they merged with `Fusion Bonded Coating Association' (or something like that).

If you specify epoxy-coated rebar,  you should also specify PVC coated tie wire to avoid damage to the coating.

Gail Kelley

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