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Re: basis of IBC anchorage to concrete provisions

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you wrote:

>Does anyone know the bases (journal articles, conference 
>proceedings, ACI pubs, etc.) of the IBC Sction 1913 anchorage-to-
>concrete provisions? 

>Has anyone seen published tables of ultimate tensions and shears
>based on those provisions?

The anchorage provisions found in the IBC 2000 (Section 1913) were proposed
for inclusion in that document by ACI and PCA and were based on a draft of
ACI 318 Appendix D with the references to post-installed (drilled-in) anchor
provisions removed.

Since that time, ACI 318 Appendix D  "Anchorage to Concrete" has been
approved for inclusion in ACI 318-02 by ACI Committee 318 (including the
provisions for post-installed mechanical anchors) and is currently
undergoing a 90-day public comment period. You can find the complete text of
318-02 in the June 2001 edition of Concrete International. Page 168 lists
several references for Appendix D. Note that, due to the omission of several
pages from the CI publication, the public comment period on 318-02 has been
extended to September 14, 2001. (Public comment on the missing pages, mostly
figures, ends Oct. 12) You can also access the document via ACI's web site:

The two primary code background papers are:

	Fuchs, W.; Eligehausen. R.; and Breen, J.; "Concrete Capacity Design
(CCD) Approach for Fastenings to Concrete," ACI Structural Journal, V. 92,
No. 1, Jan.-Feb. 1995, pp. 73-94; and
	Eligehausen, R.; and Balogh, T.; "Behavior of Fasteners Loaded in
Cracked Reinforced Concrete," ACI Structural Journal, V. 92, No. 3, May-June
1995, pp. 365-379. 

Additional commentary may be found in the publication: Strength Design of
Anchorage to Concrete published by the PCA and authored by Ron Cook.

The equations are fairly simple to implement in a spread sheet.

As long as we're on the subject, note also that two papers on anchorage to
concrete have appeared in the most recent ACI Structural Journal that are
worth reviewing:

	Rodriquez, M.; Lotze, D.; Gross, J.H.; Zhang. Y.-G.; Klingner, R.E.;
and Graves. H.L.; "Dynamic Behavior of Tensile Anchors to Concrete," ACI
Structural Journal, V. 98, No. 4, July.-Aug. 2001, pp. 511-524; and
	Lotze, D.; Klingner, R.; Graves, H.L.; "Static Behavior of Anchors
under Combinations of Tension and Shear Loading," ACI Structural Journal, V.
98, No. 4, July-Aug. 2001, pp. 525-536. 

John F. Silva, SE

Hilti, Inc.

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