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Anchor Bolts- Some thoughts

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Reference:  Chris Towne's query on Anchor Bolts.

I have been wondering why it is necessary to drill
into the concrete piers later for fixing the anchor

If the building is being built in phases, and it is
already known that there will be future construction,
is it not a better idea to design the anchor bolts now
and provide them now itself ? They could be concealed
by embedding the projected portions in brick work or

If projecting anchor bolts are for any reason
precluded, perhaps pipe sleeves could be used now and
left in place for accommodating anchor bolts later.

Drilling into concrete  should be the last resort and 
only if other alternatives are, for good reasons,
already ruled out. 

Perhaps it is not possible to freeze the positions of
the anchor bolts now . Is that the reason for
considering drilling into the concrete ? 

Somehow, as an orthodox engineer, the idea of drilling
 into concrete for inserting an anchor bolt makes me
feel uneasy. 

Just my humble (if orthodox)  opinion.

G Vishwanath

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