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RE: Anchor Bolts

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I work on "build-design, fire-ready aim" projects on a daily basis.  The madness is caused by an ethanol "gold rush."  The experience level of workers on the job is low.  And yes, it's far from idea.  I get calls asking about rebar with elbows .... 
There are are some things that can be anticipated, and  epoxy anchor bolts are a mainstay for me except in significant uplift and high temperature exposures.  The anchor rod is A36 threaded rod.  I keep materials simple.  If its not easy to get they will not use it.

Paul Martin
Wichita, KS

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Subject: Anchor Bolts

Thank you all for your input on the epoxy anchor bolts.  The job is very fast paced because of funding and other issues out of my control.  I just make sure the building stays in the upright position.
It would be much simpler to use epoxy anchor bolts and make the foundation piers a little larger for edge distance concerns.  I just wasn't sure that it was considered standard practice or not.  I would feel more apprehensive about using them if uplift was in the equation.
Thanks again,
Chris Towne, P.E.
Chapman Technical Group, Ltd.
St. Albans, WV