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RE: built up steel column

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The only templates I have are proprietary company templates (with our logo, etc.) but I will gladly share how to calc the St. Venant constant for a built-up section (3-Plate welded section).
bfo = outer flange width
tfo = outer flange thickness
bfi = outer flange width
tfi = outer flange thickness
d = depth of section
h = web depth = 4 - tfo - tfi
tw = web thickness
^3 = to the 3rd power (i.e. cubed)
J = (bfo*tfo^3 + bfi*tfi^3 + h*tw^3) / 3
Greg Effland, P.E.
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Subject: built up steel column

I'm looking for program or Template to design built up steel column
and section  property special the "J" factor( torsions const.)
thanks in advance